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    • Tuesday Interval Running Class
    • Wednesday Interval Cycling Class
    • Personalized Workout Plans
    • Video Analysis
    • Form Analysis Session (No video)
    • Lifestyle Coaching & Clean Eating
    • Personal Training Session
    • Workout Session with Lisa

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    Massage Services

    • Sports Massage
    • Recovery Massage
    • Pre Race Massage
    • Injury Prevention
    • Injury Recovery
    • Myofacial Release
    • Reflexology
    • Thai Massage
    • Relaxation Massage
    • Mashing
    • Resistance Stretching
    • Youth Massage
    • Geriatric Massage and Therapy

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    Youth Programs

    • Youth Running/Triathlon Programs
    • Youth running evaluations
    • Family Fitness Programs
    • Schools and Camp’s
    • High School Cross Country and Track Programs
    • Youth Sports Injury/Recovery Massage

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    Plans Online

    Online Fitness Plans

    • Training Peaks Coaching Program
    • Body Fat testing
    • Measurements
    • Fitness Evaluation
    • Online daily workouts sent that fit into your busy life
    • Monthly evaluations
    • Options for weekly workout sessions to be added
    • Daily text support for at least the first month to get you started
    • Monthly goals that are set specifically for you
    • Customized eating goals
    • Continued motivation and support
    • Open line of coach to client communication

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Tuesday Night Interval Training Class- This is a non-competitive Interval Running program for ALL levels. All ages and skills are welcome. Pay as you go $10 for adults and children are FREE. Workouts provided for runners, run+ walkers, and walkers. Class meets EVERY Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Cypress Park (1300 Coral Springs drive, CS, 33071) * We meet in the back by the full size soccer fields over the small bridge.

Wednesday morning Interval Cycling Class- This ride is a part of the CSP Express Cycling club. This group meets every Wednesday morning at the Wal-Mart shopping plaza in Parkland.  I coach this group through a series of drills to help build strength, stamina, and speed for cycling. The class compared to an outdoor “Spin” class. This is a free class however, a yearly membership to the CSP Express cycling club is encouraged.

Training Philosophy- “WINNING IS JUST FNISHING WHAT YOU STARTED” Get started today!!!

Life is a collection of events. Each stage of our life brings forth change and growth. Growth means developing new sides to yourself, and expanding on past experiences. Typically when someone seeks out a coach it’s because they are searching for someone to help them gain knowledge of how to achieve growth. As your coach, I will work closely to help you move fluently through the process of challenging yourself to reach outside your comfort zone. Together we will help you create a plan that fits with your lifestyle and will get you across the finish line eager for the next goal!


As an athlete myself, I feel that I have the ability to understand the body in a way that is difficult to explain. Schooling and medical training have given me the knowledge find a solution to most muscular problems. However, over the years I have learned that the body is an intricate machine with many moving parts and when you’re in pain; your body doesn’t always want to follow the written guidelines. Through 14 years of experience I always look to make a connection with my clients to give them the exact formula that is right for them. I have had the pleasure of working on clients ranging from weekend warrior all the way to Olympic and Professional athletes. It has been an amazing journey and I feel honored to be able to help so many people live healthy and physically productive lives.

Youth Programs

• Youth programs- Youth programs run throughout the year. Fall is the NWBRRC Youth Program. Winter is the TRILIFE strength and conditioning programs, spring is the NWBRRC Youth running program and Summer is our Triathlon season. Make sure to sign up on our email list to stay up to date on the yearly schedule.

• High School Cross Country & Track- Private session to evaluate running from, breathing technique, foot strike, and posture.

• Youth sports injury/recovery massage- massage for youth runners, triathletes, and swimmers, cyclists, figure skaters, gymnasts, tennis and golf players, etc…

• Family Fitness Programs are uniquely designed around the family needs. Each family is different and the dynamics of the family will be evaluated before a program design is given. The most important thing is to design a program that is a perfect fit for your family and make it work for you. Contact us directly at for more information.

• Family & youth “Clean eating” Plans- Everyone will get something from this informative session. Knowledge is power, time to learn grow, and change!

• School and camp programs –This is for large groups of children to either prepare them for a racing event, take a “clean eating” challenge, or just motivate them to take care of their bodies through helpful tips on improving diet and exercise habits. My motto is "winning is just finishing what you started" so whatever the challenge may be, I will help them conquer and accomplish their goals. These programs can be as little as a one hour motivational talks, to an 8 week on site program leading up to a full event or field day. Children can be coached to a one mile fun run or even a 5k race! Whatever the goal of the schools or camp, Trilife is committed to making it work for you. Contact us directly at for more information

Youth Triathlon Clinic

The youth triathlon clinic will prepare ages 5-15 to participate in a triathlon race. A triathlon is a multi sport race where athletes will be swimming, biking, and running in a timed event. There will be an opportunity to sign up for 2 local races at the end of the clinic however, racing is not required to participate in the clinic itself. No experience is necessary to participate.

Class Highlights:
* Form Evaluation *Nutrition information * Mock Triathlon *Biking skills *Transition clinic *Coached weekly training plan
Clinic dates are as follows: Aug 16, 23, 31 & Sept 6.
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Online Fitness Plans

This online training plan is a one of a kind. Upon joining this monthly service you will be given access to Training Peaks. No cookie cutter workouts here. Over the last 20 years, I have come to the realization that no two people need the exact same fitness plan. Each workout is written by me personally to suit your fitness goals at the time. Weekly check in’s will be sent out via text message. My phone or email is always open for questions. We meet as little as once a month or as much as once a week to review your workout schedule and make sure the plan is working for you. This program is paid on a month to month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

*Tuesday night interval training class is included in the cost of the program. This is a $40 value.

  • “My motto is “Winning is just finishing what you started.”

  • “Today is the day to begin.”

  • “Your potential is discovered through perseverance and the pursuit of dreams that lie within us all.”

  • “Let the journey begin”

  • “Lisa Callahan”


Lisa Callahan
Fitness has been a huge focus of my life for as long as I can remember. Fresh out of high school I became an NSCA certified fitness specialist and also graduated with Dr. Anthony Abbott’s Fitness Institute Certification in 1992. At that time I opened my first company called Shape U Fitness and served the Coral Springs area with Personal Fitness Training for 7 years. In 1999, I felt the need to help people in a more physical way and I decided to further my career by adding Massage Therapy to my business. I quickly became known as the massage therapist to the athletes and have since worked with athlete’s such as Dara Torres (5 time Olympic Swimmer), Grant Potter (Professional Cyclist), Jeremy Cain (Football Long snapper), Anthony Rizzo (Chicago Cubs), Mike Napoli (Boston Red Sox), countless local triathletes,, as well as anyone with an ache or a pain! As an athlete myself, I truly know how to get to the heart of the problem and have been told I have “magic hands”. I feel that massage is what I was meant to do and am so happy that I have been able to help so many people over the years. While helping others has always been a clear focus of my life, my own fitness experiences have become the heart of the newest chapter to my 20 year career. In 2008, I entered the world of triathlon racing and that world has consumed my heart and soul. In 2010, I became a USAT Certified Triathlon Coach and have since helped countless amounts of people achieve their fitness goals through racing and lifestyle growth. My experiences as an athlete includes 5 full marathons (BQ), triathlons including full IM distances (Cozumel), Ultra marathon, Obstacle races (Spartan, Tough Mudder), and Body Building (age 19) and Figure Competitor (age 39).

My motto is “Winning is just finishing what you started”. Today is the day to begin. Your potential is discovered through perseverance and the pursuit of dreams that lie within us all. Let the journey begin…

Lisa Callahan

  • CSP Express

    Coral Springs/Parkland Cycling & Triathlon Club. I lead out a coached drills ride for this non-profit organization. Come check us out every Wednesday morning at 7am from the Wal-Mart Parking lot in Parkland Fl. For more information contact

  • ZMotion/ZKids

    Zmotion/Trizkids- Zmotion is another great non-profit organization for cycling and triathlons and I am proud to be a part of coaching TriZkids. Check out their website at


    Northwest Broward Roadrunners Club-This nonprofit running club is in Coral Springs and I am the proud coach of the Youth Running Program. Check out FALL and SPRING schedule at


  • TriLife Women's T-Shirt

  • TriLife Men's T-Shirt

Services & Pricing

• Coaching Services- $30 per week for Training Peaks Plan
$50 per week for TP Online Family plan
$75 per week for TP Online individual plan with 1 weekly workout
$95 per week for TP Online Family plan with 1 weekly workout
• Private session for running , swim, bike evaluation with video analysis $100
• Group Race Plan $40 per month (must have 5 in the group)
• Clinics/classes/group fitness $10-$40 per person depending on the class size and activity
• Children’s Program for schools and camps- Please set up an appointment for more information.
• Massage Therapy/Mashing/Stretching- $75 for 60 mins
*$20 driving fee for in home within 10 mile limit
• Personal Training/Coaching-$30/$45/$60 for 60 mins
*$20 driving fee for in home within 10 mile limit
• Trilife T-shirts $20 adult $10 kids- Included in initial Set up fee
• Tuesday Night Interval Training Class $10 per person. Kids are FREE. This weekly session is included in the monthly Training Peaks Plan.


  • Testimonial

    Justin Kahn- Youth Triathlete- Coaching- "Coach Lisa helps me with my nutrition- what to eat and what not to eat- She always answers my questions. She gives me great workouts. Her pep talks before a race really help. Coach Lisa ROCKS!!"

  • Testimonial

    Jeremy Cain- "Lisa is a great massage therapist and masher. She's helped me recover after many of my strength and conditioning work outs. I am very grateful that I was referred to her"~Jeremy Cain~ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Long Snapper

  • Testimonial

    Dr. Robert Berman- "I am a Family Physician with an interest in Sports Medicine. Lisa is a well-trained massage therapist who can quickly isolate and treat your muscular skeletal problems. She has successfully treated me and patients of mine that I have referred to her. I recommend her highly."

  • Testimonial

    Fla State Senator Jeremy Ring- Training- "As a State Senator I keep a very busy schedule. Working with Lisa Callahan was a pleasure. Her workouts are extremely thorough and effective to accommodate my time constraints. Working with her 3 days a week at times, she always keep the routine interesting. We worked on everything from weight training, core strength, agility drills, biking, sprints, and boxing. These versatile sessions are exactly what my active lifestyle calls for"

  • Testimonial

    Missy Lee - RN Triathlon Training Peaks Client-Lisa has been coaching me for over a year now and I can't believe how far I've come!! When we first started, I never thought I could run a half marathon and in fact I would have laughed if someone suggested it. I was never a runner but I wanted to lose some weight. Lisa helped me set goals and by using Training Peaks we tracked my workouts and progress. For the first time in my life, I look forward to exercising because I see the results. I'm so proud of myself but I never would have done it without Lisa's encouragement and coaching! I've lost enough weight to where people are always asking "how did you do it?" And I tell them -- hard work and my Yoda, Lisa Callahan! I've now done 6 half marathons, 3 sprint triathlons, and I know she has more to challenge me with.

  • Testimonial

    Dara Torres- Olympic Swimmer-Video

Trilife Classes

Trilife Classes

1. 5:30 pm Tuesday Brick (Bike/Run) - This class is for a newer athlete. We do a 7-10 mile bike ride and follow it up with a .5 mile run. Bike handling instructions will be given as we ride. Must be able to hold around a 14-16 pace. Children on road bikes are welcome with an adult. * Road or Tri bike is suggested

2. 6:30 pm Tuesday Family Run & Interval Training group - This fun class is for everyone. We begin with a group stretch followed my an instructed workout. Each individual does whatever workout is best for their own fitness level. From your first 5k to and Iron Man athlete this class is for you! * Children are encouraged to participate in all of the workout

3. Boot camp - Enjoy this 45 min long class that will really give you buns of steel! This camp meets weekly. Times and location subject to change. Contact Alana (419)376-9626 for more information.

4. 7 am Wednesday Interval Training Ride - Get aboard The Blue Train for wild and crazy ride. The CSP Express group pulls out of the Wal- Mart parking lot at 7:05 every Wednesday morning to journey to the back roads of Parkland where they do 4 miles loops of cycling skills and drills. This ride is 2 hours or 30 miles and is not for the faint of heart.

5. Breast Cancer Survivor Class - This class meets every Monday at 10:30 m & 6:00 pm. This class is to build muscles and stay flexible in the upper body for women who have suffered with Breast Cancer. Please contact Broward Health Community Education Center at (954)344-3344 for more information

6. Morning Interval Run Class - TBA contact Lisa Callahan (954)325-6376 for any interest

7. Morning Beginner's Ride - TBA contact Lisa Callahan (954)325-6376 for any interest

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Lisa Callahan
Fitness Specialist
Coral Springs, FL

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